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To help students think about what they can see and hear around them in the news day by day; to learn to make the link between this and what they are studying and to understand the relevance and importance of knowledge.


"Things that matter." Curators scour the web to find compelling, meaningful media — stories, information, videos, graphics, and ideas that reward you deeply for the time.



Web site where children can learn about current news and events shaping their world -- in a simple, engaging and interactive manner.


Created for and by kids

Associated Press Youtube Channel

1.7 million global news and entertainment video stories, which date back to 1895.


CNN 10

News explained in 10 minutes

Navega por las portadas de los periódicos del mundo: los periódicos de tu ciudad, de tu país o del otro extremo del mundo.



264 front pages from 37 countries presented alphabetically with links to each newspapers website.

Newspaper Map

Newpapers from across the globe. 

AllSides Balanced News

Financial Times 

Free for staff and students from school. Follow link.

Categorized ideologically neutral headline run-downs that are auto generated as they arrive from crawlers and are not filtered in any manner or weighted in favor of any news organization

Cómo evaluar websites, noticias, imágenes y videos
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