5th Grade. Natural Science The Biosphere

Essential Questions. Can you...

  • Explain the importance of biodiversity for our planet?

  • Trace the path of energy from the sun through food chains?

  • Identify the roles of various organisms in a food web?

  • Describe how food webs can be affected by internal and external factors?

  • Show how humans play a role in habitat destruction and how this relates to species extinction?

Vocabulary words...

  • Biosphere: biodiversity

  • Extinction: deforestation, global warming, greenhouse gases, habitat destruction, loss, oil spill, overfishing, overhunting, pollution

  • Food chain and Food web: consumer, decomposer, energy, food web, primary, producer, scavenger, secondary, tertiary

  • Protection: citizen, endangered, government, national park, nature reserve, responsible

  • Relationships: affect, compete / competition, cooperate / cooperation, host, parasite / parasitism, predation / predator, prey

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Ocean Food Chains

5 Ciencias Naturales

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Rainforest Food Chains

5 Ciencias Naturales

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Mountain Food Chains

5 Ciencias Naturales

577 SPI mou

Grassland Food Chains

5 Ciencias Naturales

577 SPI gra

Desert Food Chains

5 Ciencias Naturales

577 SPI des

The Down-to-earth guide

to Global Warming

5 Ciencias Naturales

504 DAV dow

The wondrous workings of planet Earth : understanding our world and its ecosystems

5 Ciencias Naturales

504 IGN won

Why is the air dirty?

5 Ciencias Naturales

504 ASI why

One plastic bag : Isatou Ceesay and the recycling women of the Gambia

5 Ciencias Naturales

50 PAU one

Plastic, ahoy!: investigating the great Pacific garbage patch

5 Ciencias Naturales

50 NEW pla

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